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Tips For Customers
When you hire a remodeler, you are buying a service rather than a product.  The quality of the service the remodeler provides will determine the quality of the finished project and your satisfaction with it.  Listed below are some tips that may be helpful when choosing a remodeler.

Does the remodeler....

  1. Maintain a permanent mailing address, a phone number, and a pager or answering system?  (You will want to be able to reach the remodeler quickly and easily - especially at critical times.)

  2. Possess a trustworthy reputation among customers, peers, and people involved in all aspects of the industry?  (Please view our client testimonials.)

  3. Specialize in particular types of products?

  4. Arrange for the building permit? (The person who obtains the permit is the contractor of record and therefore responsible for the work.)

Before you sign a contract ....

  1. Ask the remodeler to share names and phone numbers of some customers with you and take the time to see the remodeler's work.

  2. Ask the home owners, did the remodeler maintain a reasonably neat jobsite, provide regular broom clean-up, and haul away debris including personal trash such as lunch snacks?

  3. Ask the home owners, did the remodeler keep labor and materials delays to a minimum so that your job could be started and completed on time and within budget?

There are plenty more tips available.  Please send us an e-mail and we'll be glad to share them with you.

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